Why Choose Wooden Windows & Doors

New or replacement wooden windows are an important long-term investment. They add value to your home, save on fuel bills, reduce condensation, improve peace and quiet, and reduce the time you have to spend on maintenance.


The whole life cost of wooden windows

Whilst the initial purchase price of wooden windows may be higher, provided they are well maintained they can last twice as long as PVC-u equivalents. A study by Heriot Watt University using a typical wooden casement window made to Wood Window Alliance (WWA) standards found that in suburban housing conditions, the window has a planned service life of 60 years. Taking into account maintenance, this compares favourably to all other tested materials; with PVC-u having an estimated lifespan of 30 years.


WWA windows for minimal maintenance

All windows need some maintenance. Members of the WWA manufacture factory-finished wooden windows which are given a specialist-spray coated paint or stain finish. This means not only do the windows have a beautiful, even finish but they are durable. With factory-finished wooden windows there is no need to recoat until at least eight years after installation. Our members back this up with specialist coatings guarantees for peace of mind.


The versatility of wooden windows

Whether windows are being specified for a domestic or commercial project, over time the owners of the property may decide to change the look. One of the great advantages of wood windows is that they won’t need replacing to fit with the desired new look, they can simply be repainted to suit new colour schemes.


Thermal performance

The performance of any window depends upon the design, the quality of manufacture, the type of glazing unit specified and the quality of installation. Our members design their wooden windows to meet the exacting performance levels defined in BS 6375 Parts 1 and 2 relating to weather tightness, operation and strength. Many have third party certification from independent test houses to validate their performance claims. For more information, visit our dedicated page on the energy efficiency of wooden windows.