Why Choose Wooden Windows & Doors

The Wood Window Alliance (WWA) sets a quality benchmark for the manufacture of timber windows and doors. All members offer supplier-back guarantees; providing peace of mind and confidence in their products.


Standard guarantees for timber windows and doors

Typically the following guarantees are awarded by WWA members:

  • Frame – 30 years
  • Paint Finish – 8 to 10 years
  • Stain Finish – 5 to 7 years
  • Glazing – 10 years
  • Ironmongery – 10 years

The above guarantees are typical for a standard timber window or door design. Exceptions include single glazed period windows, putty-glazed windows and some bespoke designs.


Maintenance of timber windows and doors

The quality and engineering of timber windows and doors in the UK has undergone a revolution in recent years, with huge developments in technology leading to an improvement in their performance and resilience. All windows and doors require some maintenance, but gone are the days when those manufactured from timber require frequent attention.

Our members manufacture factory-finished timber windows and doors that are given a specialist spray-coated paint finish for even more durable coverage, meaning that they will need a recoat only every 8 to 10 years.

Redecoration of a factory finished timber window is a simple process. We have produced a ‘How To’ video to show how easy redecoration of timber windows made to WWA standards can be.

Expected service life of timber windows

Provided that they are well maintained, the lifespan of a typical timber window made to WWA specifications will last for 60 years. This compares favourably to PVC-u equivalents which can become brittle and discoloured due to exposure to the sun. Timber windows can also be repaired which starts their lifespan all over again.

We have engaged in extensive research into the expected service life and whole life costs of timber windows. The report ‘Whole Life Analysis of timber, modified and aluminium- clad timber windows’ by Heriot Watt University details that the estimated service life of a typical timber frame made to our standards is 60 years. For further details, click here to download a copy of the report.