Why Choose Wooden Windows & Doors

Wood has been the natural choice for windows and doors for centuries. The natural beauty of wood windows and doors provides warmth, charm and timeless appeal. Whilst wood has been the preferred material for restoring or renovating period properties, its versatility suits even the most contemporary projects.


The design of wood windows

Choosing the right window for your project is key to the efficiency and overall appearance of the property. Members of the Wood Window Alliance (WWA) manufacture a number of window designs to suit historic, traditional and modern homes. The most popular options for wood windows are listed below:

  •  Sprung sash windows bring the traditional sash window into the 21st century with pre-tensioned spring balances in place of pulleys and weights. They have double-glazing, weather-resistant coatings and are available as a ‘tilt and slide’ for easy cleaning.
  •  Casement windows are perfect for period properties and new-build projects, with a variety of made-to-measure options. You choose the size, number of panes, with or without glazing bars and opening method (e.g. top or side hung).
  •  Tilt and turn windows originate from Continental Europe and are popular in many modern houses because of their versatility. A specialised hinge system means rotating the handle by 90 degrees allows the window to tilt inwards from the bottom for ventilation and cleaning, while moving the handle 180 degrees enables the window to turn inwards.

Each option can be customised to suit project needs, with many of members offering bay and bow configurations, plus arch top (rounded) shapes. For full details on window styles, visit the dedicated windows section.


The design of wood doors

A number of period homes are now being transformed through the incorporation of modern patio doors that allow more light into a room and open-up space. Whilst these doors are modern in design, they can be customised to provide a more traditional look. For full details on the types of doors that members offer, from traditional French Doors to contemporary sliding patio doors, click here.


High levels of customisation for the desired look

Whether you are simply looking to replace a property’s existing windows and doors, planning an extension or embarking on an ambitious new build, the look and feel of your wood windows and doors will be a crucial consideration. With advancements in technology, our members can provide high levels of design customisation. From matching paint and stain finishes to the incorporation of feature glass, your wood windows and doors can be expertly customised to meet your project brief. There is also the option of dual colour finishing, allowing you to choose a different paint or stain finish inside to outside.