Tilt and Turn Windows

Modern buildings demand modern solutions. The tilt and turn window provides the ideal solution for those properties that are difficult to clean from the exterior and which require secure ventilation.

The tilt and turn window incorporates specialised hinges for dual opening, allowing the window to be both tilted inwards and opened inwards:

  •  Tilt – the window can be tilted open to provide secure ventilation;
  •  Turn – the window can open into the room to allow for cleaning from the inside.

Not only does this type of window bring an additional level of functionality, it’s easy to use and can be customised to meet your specific needs.


Made-to-measure tilt and turn windows

Our members can provide made-to-measure wooden tilt and turn windows to suit the style of the property. With a choice of paint and stain options and a range of glazing finishes, such as obscure and stained glass, each window is made to your exact brief.

If you’re considering tilt and turn windows, then it will be worthwhile to speak to our members about their pivot window designs. Rather than tilting inwards, a pivot window allows the sash to be rotated so that the external glass can be cleaned from the inside.