French Doors

Wooden French doors are the most traditional type of patio door. Originating in France in the 17th century as windows you could open and walk through like a doors, French Doors remain a popular solution for transforming dimly-lit spaces.

Between them our members provide a number of French door designs. All made from a variety of sustainably sourced hardwood and which can be tailored to suit period, traditional and even the most contemporary of properties.


Wooden French door designs

To suit the space, French doors can be supplied as either inward or outward opening and incorporate glazed sidelights and fanlights.They can be fully glazed or incorporate solid panels within the lower half of the door.

With double-glazing as standard, many designs can incorporate triple-glazing. Our members can advise on the type of glazing that is most appropriate to meet your energy, acoustic and security requirements.

For period authenticity, at no detriment to the thermal performance of the door, astragal bars can be incorporated. Plus, a number of our members provide a specialist range of heritage paint colours.


Performance, quality and guarantees

Wood Window Alliance members are committed to providing high quality products. Just like all of their door designs, wooden French doors are provided with supplier-backed guarantees – typically 30 years for the frame, 10 years for glazing and hardware and 8-10 years for the paint finish.

Through testing and certification, members can provide reassurance that their wooden French doors are safe, secure and thermally efficient.


Other patio door options

Whilst the classic French door is the traditional way to provide access to a balcony, patio or garden, over recent years bi-folding and sliding doors have become a popular choice. The type of patio door chosen will depend on the size of the opening and the functionality required. For example, a room can be transformed by converting a bay window into a French door with sidelights.