Home Owners

Choosing the right window for your home is key to its efficiency and the overall appearance. A wooden window made to Wood Window Alliance (WWA) standards combines beauty with high levels of performance and durability. Gone are the days when the idea of a wooden window evoked images of living with draughts or rotting frames.

WWA members provide double or triple-glazed windows which are finished with a microporous coating for durability. And, for peace-of-mind, products are backed by guarantees; typically 30 years for the frame, 8 to 10 years for a paint finish and 10 years for glazing. This means that if you source a wooden window from a WWA member, you can be confident of high levels of performance and durability.


Adding value to your property

A wooden window provides long-term cost benefits, with an expected 60 years’ service life compared to the PVC-u equivalent of 30 years (click here to watch a short video on expected service life). Plus, there’s the ‘kerb-appeal’ of real wood windows; helping to add value to any property.

In our Windows on the World Report – The Downton Effect, it was found that people are willing to pay an average 11% more for a house with well-maintained period features, such as wooden windows. In fact, 56% of those homeowners surveyed believe that wooden window frames have the most character.

Also, wooden windows do not need to be replaced when you are planning to redecorate your home. When you desire to change a colour scheme, you can rub the windows down and apply a new coating. This is in contrast to PVC-u and other materials where you would have to replace the windows. Not only would this be costly, but there are environmental implications; namely recyclability and the impact of production on the environment.


The rise of natural materials in the home

All of us are becoming increasingly aware of how the purchasing decisions we make can have an impact on the environment and the way we feel. When specifying a wooden window from a WWA member, you can be 100% confident that the timber has been sourced from sustainable forests.

In the Windows on the World Report: The Rise of Natural Wellness, a 1,000 homeowners were questioned about the use of natural materials in the home. The key headlines of this survey are:

  •  Timber is cited by 67% of homeowners as the material they would like to have more of in their home.
  •   49% of homeowners state that having natural materials in their homes makes them feel discernibly happier than when surrounded by artificial materials.