Our Promise

Formed by a group of manufacturers in 2007 under the direction of the British Woodworking Federation, the Wood Window Alliance (WWA) is the benchmark for the industry. Where you see a manufacturer is a WWA member you can be confident that their products meet our demanding quality, performance and sustainability standards.

Members of the WWA provide the following:

1. Reassurance of third party certification

As a condition of membership, manufacturers must meet independently verified quality, performance, and sustainability criteria. Membership and performance auditing are reviewed annually. Windows are:

  •  Fully factory finished and glazed;
  •  Supported by a declaration of performance and CE marked;
  •  Supported by guarantees covering glazing, ironmongery and coatings endorsed by accredited WWA suppliers;
  •  Where an installation service is provided, the windows and doors are and fitted by qualified installers.

2. Long life windows and doors

A standard cassement window design made to the WWA specification has achieved the following planned service life in an independent study by Heriot Watt University:

  • 60 years for standard timber;
  • 70 years for modified timber;
  • 80 years for aluminium-clad timber.

This study showed that the planned service life for timber, under standard climate conditions and with the advised minimal maintenance is double that of a PVC-u equivalent.

3. Low maintenance windows and doors

With factory finished timber windows and doors, a micro-porous paint application is applied. This provides an durable finish, with typical maintenance intervals of 8-10 years for the first re-coating, then every 7 years (depending on exposure conditions).

4. Energy efficient windows and doors

Our members design and manufacture windows and doors that meet the requirements of UK Building Regulations Approved Document L: 2010 or the equivalent Scottish and Irish regulations. Supported by BFRC Energy Ratings, whole window or centre pane U values, as appropriate. A rated windows available and U-values as low as 0.8.

5. Secure windows and doors

Members incorporate locking systems to European Standard BS EN 6375 Part 3: 2009. Where necessary, windows and doors tested to PAS24 in compliance with Approved Document Q.

6. Sustainably sourced windows and doors

Members manufacture from timber that has been legally sourced from sustainably managed forests, supported by supplier ‘due diligence’ in accordance with EU Timber Regulation 2013 and/or Chain of Custody certification. WWA windows have the best ratings in BRE’s Green Guide to Specification (A+ for all timber windows; A+ for alu-clad windows with a translucent finish to the wood interior; A for alu-clad windows with an opaque finish to the interior timber).

7. Low carbon window and doors

Timber frames are carbon negative over their service life contributing to a net reduction in atmospheric CO2. A typical WWA timber window when used instead of a PVC-u window will save approximately 160kgs CO2e over its 60 year life (source: Heriot Watt University, 2013).