About Us

Not all wood windows and doors are made to the same standards. Through the use of clever marketing it can be difficult for buyers to distinguish between those quality manufacturers and those who fall short of industry standards. Recognising this, a group of manufacturers, supported by the British Woodworking Federation, formed the Wood Window Alliance (WWA) in 2007.

For the past 12 years we’ve been committed to raising standards in the design and manufacture of both timber and aluminium-clad timber windows and doors. As a condition of membership, manufacturers must meet independently verified quality, performance and sustainability criteria. This means that when you see the WWA logo, you can be assured that the manufacturer’s windows and doors meet stringent weather testing and safety requirements and that they source their timber from sustainably managed forests.

The way in which WWA members design and manufacture their products mean that they have a long projected service life. For wood window frames made to WWA standards the projected service life is between 56 to 65 years, in average UK climate conditions, according to independent research by Heriot Watt University. Using engineered softwood, quality hardwood and modified timber, members supply factory-finished wood windows and doors that are given a specialist spray-coated paint or stain finish. All member products are provided with supplier-backed guarantees; typically 30 years for the frame, 10 years for glazing and hardware and 8 to 10 years for the paint finish.

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