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The WWA provides best practice guidance to housebuilders
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The WWA provides best practice guidance to housebuilders

We are very pleased to have recently secured an opportunity to provide guidance to housebuilders and developers on what to look out for when specifying wood windows. The article ‘Why you should take a closer look at wood window specification’ was published online by Housebuilder & Developer

Our Technical Director, Kevin Underwood, drew attention to the fact that not all wood windows are made to the same standard. Members of the Wood Window Alliance (WWA) sign up to the collective mission to drive standards, quality and accountability in the wood window market and, as such, have to meet very exacting standards. In the article, Kevin demonstrates how these exacting standards set by the WWA ensure performance and longevity and he provides some top tips for housebuilders and developers on what to look out for when seemingly comparing like-for-like quotes.

In the article Kevin explains how manufacturing criteria has played a strong role in extending the service life of wood window frames, encompassing the following key elements:

  • Choice of sustainable, defect free, engineered or modified timber;
  • Window design elements such as rounded edges, water shedding angles on horizontal surfaces such as sills and beads, and joint and end grain sealing;
  • Flexible, micro-porous protective coatings applied under controlled factory conditions;
  • Factory controlled drained and vented glazing systems suited to double or triple glazing units.

To read the full article visit

If you’re interested in finding out more about the specification of wood windows, then we have a bite-sized CPDi module that takes less than 10 minutes to complete – see


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